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                FINDLAY, OHIO – The 2016 Daktronics-NAIA Football Scholar-Athlete selections include 67 student-athletes from Mid-States Football Association schools, 32 of them repeat honorees from the previous season.

                The MSFA student-athletes are led by 3-time selectees Hunter Cox of Concordia, Patrick Smith of St. Ambrose and Alexander Wilson and Caleb Nicely of Taylor.


                Robert Morris, which captured its first MSFA Midwest League championship this season, landed 10 players on the Scholar-Athlete list. Saint Francis (Ind.), which captured the NAIA national football title Saturday, St. Ambrose and Taylor each had nine honorees.

                The complete list of MSFA players follows…

Michael Chickeral (Flat Rock, Mich.)                    Concordia                                DB                          Sr.

**Collin Christensen (Port Huron)                        Concordia                                LB                           Sr.

***Hunter Cox (Laurel, Md.)                                Concordia                                DL                           Sr.

Darricle Jones (East Pointe, Mich.)                        Concordia                                OL                           Jr.

**Lucas Koehler (Belvidere, Ill.)                           Concordia                                DL                           Sr.

**Ty Peterson (Milan, Mich.)                                Concordia                                LB                           Sr.

**Adnan Al-Amami (High Ridge, Mo.)                Lindenwood-Belleville            LB                           Jr.

Armani Tufaga (Anchorage, Alaska)                     Lindenwood-Belleville            RB                           Jr.

Nick Maines (Zionsville, Ind.)                               Marian                                     LB                           Jr.

**Jalen Morales-Chandler (Indianapolis, Ind.)      Marian                                     DB                          Jr.

Beau Shields (Martinsville, Ind.)                           Marian                                     LB                           Sr.

**Kameron Utter (Indianapolis, Ind.)                    Marian                                     WR                          5th Yr. Sr.

**Codey Bishop (Bloomington, Ill.)                      Olivet Nazarene                      DL                           Sr.

**Corbin Hesterberg (Ogden, Ill.)                          Olivet Nazarene                      LB                           Sr.

**Ryan Jennings (Savannah, Ga.)                          Olivet Nazarene                      WR                          Sr.

**Matt McDivitt (Marion, Ind.)                             Olivet Nazarene                      WR                          Sr.

**Drew Philson (Horton, Mich.)                            Olivet Nazarene                      DB                          Sr.

**Palmer Ponstein (Jenison, Mich.)                       Olivet Nazarene                      DB                          Sr.

Kenyatte Allen (Lithonia, Ga.)                               Robert Morris                         QB                          Jr.

Brian Franklin (Chandler, Ariz.)                            Robert Morris                         K                             Sr.

Philip Hassell (Champaign, Ill.)                             Robert Morris                         DB                          Jr.

**Taylor Lake (Allegan, Mich.)                             Robert Morris                         TE                           Sr.

Montre Lee (Oxnard, Calif.)                                   Robert Morris                         WR                          Sr.

Ian Riggs (Rockford, Ill.)                                       Robert Morris                         DL                           Jr.

**Jake Spallina (Chicago, Ill.)                               Robert Morris                         OL                           Sr.

Connor Steinmetz (Algonquin, Ill.)                        Robert Morris                         LS                           Jr.

Christopher Waldenberger (Pomona, Calif.)          Robert Morris                         LB                           Sr.

**Andrew Webster (Crystal Lake, Ill.)                  Robert Morris                         OL                           Sr.

Sean Boswell (Indianapolis, Ind.)                          Saint Francis, Ind.                   R                             Jr.

**Drake DeMuyt (Kendallville, Ind.)                    Saint Francis, Ind.                   OL                           Sr.

Nicholas Ferrer (Westfield, Ind.)                           Saint Francis, Ind.                   QB                          Jr.

Zachary Gegner (Indianapolis, Ind.)                      Saint Francis, Ind.                   WB                          Jr.

Connor Holcomb (Kendallville, Ind.)                    Saint Francis, Ind.                   QL                           Jr.

**Zachary Minardo (Camby, Ind.)                         Saint Francis, Ind.                   OL                           Sr.

Jason Nicodemus (Churubusco, Ind.)                     Saint Francis, Ind.                   WB                          Sr.

**Ryan Nix (Valparaiso, Ind.)                               Saint Francis, Ind.                   PK                           Sr.

Josh Spitnale (Fort Wayne, Ind.)                            Saint Francis, Ind.                   P                              Sr.

Mike Ivlow (Channahon, Ill.)                                 Saint Xavier                            RB                           Jr.

**Matt Johnson (Rockford, Ill.)                             Saint Xavier                            DB                          Sr.

**Ronald Luce (Oak Lawn, Ill.)                             Saint Xavier                            OL                           Sr.

**Dennis Vilimek (Orland Hills, Ill.)                     Saint Xavier                            WR                          Sr.

Braelen Bader (Celina, Ohio)                                 Siena Heights                          WR                          Jr.

Zachary Flack (Macomb, Mich.)                            Siena Heights                          DB                          Jr.

Martin Giannola (Oxford, Mich.)                           Siena Heights                          LB                           Sr.

Bradley Harrah (Adrian, Mich.)                             Siena Heights                          LB                           Jr.

**Jordan Riley (Muskegon, Mich.)                        Siena Heights                          DB                          Sr.

**Stefan Wilkinson (Mount Clemens, Mich.)       Siena Heights                          DL                           Sr.

**Max  Brozovich (Minooka, Ill.)                          St. Ambrose                            TE                           Sr.

**Fred Kassal (Orland Hills, Ill.)                           St. Ambrose                            DL                           Sr.

Luke LeMay (Sterling, Ill.)                                     St. Ambrose                            DB                          Sr.

Joe Marconi (Wheaton, Ill.)                                    St. Ambrose                            DB                          Sr.

Mitch Negangard (Sidney, Ill.)                               St. Ambrose                            LB                           Sr.

Jake Platt (Tinley Park, Ill.)                                    St. Ambrose                            DB                          Jr.

***Patrick Smith (Springfield, Ill.)                        St. Ambrose                            QB                          Grad.

Michael Stinnett (Sycamore, Ill.)                           St. Ambrose                            DB                          Jr.

***Wilson Alexander (Wichita, Kan.)                   Taylor                                      QB                          5th Yr. Sr.

Jacob Baker (Clayton, Mich.)                                 Taylor                                      OL                           Jr.

**Taylor Beam (Fort Wayne, Ind.)                        Taylor                                      LB                           Sr.

**Brandon Haan (Grand Rapids, Mich.)                Taylor                                      P                              5th Yr. Sr.

Grant Hohlbein (Adrian, Mich.)                             Taylor                                      WR                          Jr.

**Taylor Lundberg (Houston, Minn.)                    Taylor                                      TE                           5th Yr. Sr.

***Caleb Nicley (Lebanon, Ind.)                           Taylor                                      WR                          5th Yr. Sr.

Everett Pollard (Atlanta, Ga.)                                 Taylor                                      QB                          Jr.

Kyle Windebank (Colorado Springs, Colo.)          Taylor                                      WR                          Sr.

Godfrey Collins II (Naperville, Ind.)                      Trinity International                DL                           Jr.

Bayley Pierson (Oceanside, Calif.)                         Trinity International                LB                           Sr.

                ** — Two-time all-academic selections

                *** — Three-time all-academic selections